Our Club is a non-profit volunteer organization of parents, alumni and community members who raise funds and support programs to benefit the students of Incline High School.

2019/2020 Board Elections

 We invite you to join us at our Annual Meeting in the IHS Theater on Wednesday, June 5 at 11:30 AM

Upcoming Activities

Later this month we will host Teacher Appreciation Week, and in June we'll help with graduation festivities. Contact us if you'd like to get involved!

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2018-2019 Board Letter to Members




Last fall we enrolled 142 families and community stakeholders as Boosters members. The Board restructured gym family banners as a silver and gold member benefit for 18/19. Overall membership and banner revenue increased 40% from last year, and 14 new families are showing their Highlander pride on the wall! 

The Crab feed kicked off our Spring – and it was a blast! Later this month we will host Teacher Appreciation Week and help with graduation festivities 



 In the winter, to engage new families, we attended LTS and IMS high school fairs, hosted freshman and back-to-school events and proactively reached out to  administration and parent groups to encourage Boosters membership and Board participation. At a January home basketball game we invited all local middle school students to attend and cheer on the Highlanders basketball teams: the “Highlander Pride” rally towels we gave out were a big hit. We have plans to sponsor “Highlander Pride” at more games in 19/20. 



Last year’s Board identified staffing concessions as an issue: while the community values having food at the games, running concessions required a great deal of volunteer effort but raised little money. This year we engaged school clubs and teams to participate as a fundraising opportunity. Now AVID, buildOn, Girls' Tennis and other clubs received $250 from Boosters for each event they staffed. Student clubs make money, kids get rewarding service experience, and we’ve freed up busy parents. It was a win-win program we will continue.



 The Crab feed kicked off our Spring, and not only was it was a blast, it was a resounding success, grossing over $250K, and celebrating the “next 50 years” of Incline High School. Our committee, led by Pauline Leoncio, poured their hearts and souls into the effort, and the community responded with amazing support. All new this year, the students were invited to participate in “Crab Pot” fundraising to support their clubs as well as provide on-stage entertainment during the VIP reception. Feedback on these additions was very positive. 

Going forward we are making a concerted effort diversify our fundraising efforts by pursuing project-specific grants and giving, and by leveraging relationships through Parasol and the community.

Fund-A-Need Purchases

School Beautification Project


In collaboration with IHS Administration and chaired by Denise Menzies, Beautification is into its 3rd year. The school common areas have been transformed into collaborative learning and socializing areas for our students with the introduction of contemporary benches throughout the school and group seating arrangements in the atriums. The cafeteria is now sporting  backed chairs for the high tables and new low round tables. The front office and counselor’s office also have new  seating, and there are state of the art monitors on each level of the school with daily updated information for students. 

New bulletin boards have been purchased for the school which will be installed this summer, and 14 new garbage/recycling receptacles will replace the existing open round rubber trash cans throughout the school as part of a new recycling initiative.  And more improvements are in the works!

Theater Renovation


  The FAN donations made in 2016/2017 for theater updates are being combined with a very generous DCDF grant to fully renovate the room. We negotiated an agreement with WCSD to have the project managed by the district. A meeting to review plans and establish a timeline is forthcoming. We anticipate the project will be underway, and possibly completed, during the 19/20 school year. Thank you again to all the generous supporters of Incline High School Boosters and to the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation for making this upcoming renovation possible!


The new theater seats will have a section on the arms for dedication plaques. Those who have previously purchased dedications will be contacted about seat selection and plaque wording. If you are interested in purchasing a seat dedication, please contact Joy Strotz for details.


We've also been busy behind the scenes...

To better understand perceived threats and weaknesses in IHS programs we conducted a strategic survey of Incline families who chose to send their high school students elsewhere. That feedback, supplemented by the WCSD Climate Survey results, informs our fundraising and service efforts. We are actively collaborating with school administration and other community stakeholders on longer-term fundraising and investment to ensure IHS remains among the nation’s top ranked public high schools.

With the guidance of local attorney Alan Tiras we updated our bylaws to reflect current non-profit best practices and the modern operation of the organization. We also created resolutions to address conflict-of-interest and small disbursement funding. On June 5 we will form a new board for the coming academic year, and Alan Tiras will hold a training session for the incoming Board on June 7.

We also laid the groundwork for other exciting initiatives intended to make the Boosters more sustainable, supportive, communicative and transparent, including:  

  • Establishing a Social Media committee to develop a plan for a streamlined and updated online presence. Implementation is planned for the summer for 2019/2020 roll-out. 
  • Creating a Financial committee to identify a new bookkeeper for 19/20 and establish best practices and policies around financial management and reporting for the club, including the establishment of a reserve fund policy.
  • Restructuring monthly board and general meetings to be consecutive on the same day to minimize the number of meetings for Board members.
  • Forming a Recruitment Committee and did outreach to identify and contact potential new members for the Board. 

It’s been a rewarding year, and with your support, next year will be too. Please consider participating in Board Elections by attending our Annual Meeting on June 5 at 11:30 AM in the Theater.

At your service,

The ’18-’19 Incline High School Boosters Club Board

Alma Brubaker – President                   

Tricia Tong – Vice President

Jill Minkle – Treasurer                             

Dawn Bursell – Secretary

Debra Ornelas                                            

Denise Menzies

Joy Strotz                                                      

Tom Millhoff

Tracy Cohn


Fund-A-Need Deployment



 The “Fund-A-Need” component of the 2019 Crab feed raised almost $200,000, which we are actively deploying on programs and equipment that address academic needs and frees time to teach, including these items:

  • Admin $32,275: Recycling bins, bulletin boards, copiers, literature stands, safety & security
  • Arts $7,031: Mixers, paints, pencils, recording & editing equipment
  • Athletics $44,223: Vaulting poles, balls, soccer goals, athletic equipment
  • Beautification $5,650: Hygienic locker room benches and covers
  • Career $100: Wireless microphone for guest speakers
  • Classrooms $24,881: Laptops, desk power strips, standing desks
  • Counselling $1,436: Test prep books, college/career guides, fax/copier
  • Foods $984: Pressure cookers, electric griddles, flatware
  • Foreign Language $1,890: Language applications, headsets/microphones
  • Grounds $6,038: Snowblowers
  • Mathematics $2,989: Calculators, printer, digital stylus, software
  • Music $18,933: Instruments, sheet music, stands, mouthpieces
  • P.E. $2,073: Net stands, goals, cones, speed ropes, spikeball kits
  • ROTC $1,735: Mats, garment racks, flags, pullup bars
  • Science $22,776: I-Pads, Lab refrigerator, scales, probes, sensors, glassware, burners…
  • Skill/Tech Science $30,618: CADD workstations, monitors, grinders, welders, plasma cutters, saws
  • Soc Studies $343: Catan social development board games
  • Special Ed $1,183: C-Pen readers, Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence books & apps